I can help your child start talking more efficiently by teaching you--the parent--the tools and techniques I use during my coaching sessions through an active learning process.

You'll learn how to use everyday activities to stimulate language in your child so they have more control over their communication.

With my coaching support, you will develop a deeper bond with your child, with communication flowing freely and easily between the two of you.

Don’t waste another minute wondering if your child has the tools he needs to start talking! To schedule a free 30 minute "Let's Get Talking" session contact me at meghan@smartspeechny.com

Remote Coaching and Consultation — $197/Month

Via Email, Skype, Facetime and phone conversation. Two hours of video consultation - real-time video conferencing and/or comprehensive review of pre-recorded video clips. Two email, phone or text message correspondences per week.

In-home Coaching and Consultation — $297/Month

Two hours of consultation within the child’s home and/or daycare setting. Includes environment manipulation training, access to oral motor tools, and two email, phone, or text message exchange per week.

Intensive Coaching and Consultation — $90/Hour

Consultations are on a weekly basis for a minimum of four weeks at a rate of $90 per hour. Unlimited phone and email consultation are available at an additional fee of $100 per month.


Meghan Ryan is a speech language pathologist currently licensed in the state of New York.


Hey parents!

Did you know that what goes into your child’s body has a direct impact on their ability to master new skills and process new information?

Adequate nutrition is critical for your child’s development and can mean the difference between reaching milestones and lagging behind.

So how can you be certain your child is getting the proper nutrients for healthy growth and development? How do you know when “picky eating” is a sign of a bigger problem?

For more information or to schedule your child’s free health assessment click here

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